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Andrew Carr

Andrew Carr

Founder & Instructor

Andrew Carr is the founder of Spanish Tutoring by Students. In his free time, he enjoys working on the business, making lesson plans, and tutoring Spanish. He is currently a junior at Western Michigan University, pursuing a major in Spanish and English Secondary Education. However, college isn’t where he learned most of his Spanish. On trips abroad to Puerto Rico and Spain, he intentionally put himself in diverse linguistic situations with locals. Also, after rigorous coursework, he was awarded the Advanced Spanish Certificate by Speak Easy Languages in Plymouth, MI. Additionally, he is a Certified Duolingo Educator. Spanish has been his passion since he was a child for over 9 years. Learning Spanish and teaching Spanish go hand in hand. Andrew’s goal while tutoring Spanish and leading his company is to impart his knowledge in a fun and individualized way. 

Silvia Galva

Silvia Galva

Co-founder & Instructor

Having spent her childhood in both Puerto Rico and Mexico, Silvia Galva is a native that’s well-versed in Spanish and Latin American culture. Her work began in the medical field but has since transitioned to teaching people Spanish and exposing the beauties of Latin American culture to them. She has gotten a taste of the many dialects of Spanish on her backpacking trips that covered Mexico to Peru and Cuba, The Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. Silvia is also a Certified Duolingo Educator. Her experience teaching Spanish and English began in Colombia where she was a volunteer teaching English. Ever since, she has been a private Spanish tutor in the Kalamazoo/Portage Area. As a Spanish tutor, Silvia believes her purpose when teaching is to enrich the students by exposing them to the language and the culture through the art of teaching and learning.

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Done by Students & Young Professionals

Spanish Tutoring by Students is made up of diligent college students and young graduates pursuing careers and starting new endeavors. 

To find out if Spanish Tutoring by Students is right for you, please contact us and book a free, in-person consultation. During the free consultation, Spanish Tutoring by Students’ director and a Spanish tutor will help you determine the right course of study for you. From there, we develop an individual strategy to effectively tutor Spanish. If Spanish Tutoring by Students is not for you, we can refer you to other services and other local tutors and tutoring agencies in Portage and Kalamazoo.

100% Local

Spanish Tutoring by Students is not a corporation or a franchise. It is a small business that operates out of Kalamazoo and Portage, Michigan by college students.

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