How Spanish Lessons Work

Our face-to-face curriculum consists of creating a learning environment which offers an unmatched degree of intimacy between you and your language learning experience. Taking this face-to-face approach allows us to individualize our Spanish lessons to meet your needs. Achieving fluency requires being sympathetic to the cultural components of a language. Our goal is to show you cultural and linguistic nuances so you can relate better to the culture and language at hand — and not mindlessly memorizing. Using the right resources is key to any learning experience. Therefore it’s best to know which resources to use and when to use them. For example, a student must have a dictionary to reference and a textbook to guide them through learning. While every learner may require a different textbook approach, all learners need to use dictionaries and translators. Websites like wordreference.com and Google Translate serve as vocabulary reference. Books like Barron’s 501 Verbs facilitate learning grammatical components of verbs. And, a textbook and workbook let you see your progress and a tutor will help you map that progress.  Reinforcement and repetition are the only things in language learning that stay consistent. Doing activities and creating flashcards (with an application like Quizlet) is a great way to solidify new words and phrases to your repertoire. It’s always best to use more than one resource to learn a language. Apps like Duolingo or Rosetta Stone are great reinforcements and sources of new knowledge. With programs like Duolingo for Education, your tutor can see your progress and target where you’re struggling. For some learners, we can even supplement Rosetta Stone, as we have access to the respective licensing.  With information collected from personalized online quizzes and Spanish lessons, insights are gathered and lessons further tailored to your needs. We rely heavily on your feedback to promote a quality experience on both ends.  In order to provide the best language experience, one must combine comprehensible input with meaningful social interaction to yield language acquisition. Our tutors are available around the clock to help you wherever you are with your coursework.

“[The] individual sessions were kindly complemented with relevant assignments and follow-up. My instructor’s strategy integrated the internet-of-things into learning and there was always an option to provide feedback. Feedback on both ends was crucial to my success.

— Carolyn T.  


“During our many study sessions, [my tutor] patiently talked with me and added useful phrases to my vocabulary. Although no program is universal, I’d find this a good fit for most [language learners].” 

— Guy V.


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