Spanish Lessons


How Spanish Lessons Work

Our face-to-face curriculum consists of creating a learning environment which offers an unmatched degree of intimacy between you and your language learning experience. Taking this face-to-face approach allows us to individualize our Spanish lessons to meet your needs. Achieving fluency requires being sympathetic to the cultural components of a language. Our goal is to show you cultural and linguistic nuances so you can relate better to the culture at hand — and not just speak the language.

Using the right resources is key to any learning experience. Therefore it’s best to know which resources to use and when to use them. For example, a student must have a dictionary to reference and a textbook in order to guide them through learning. While every learner may require a different textbook approach, all learners need to use dictionaries and thesauruses. Websites like and Google Translate serve as vocabulary reference. Books like Barron’s 501 Verbs facilitate learning grammar. A textbook and workbook let you see your progress and a tutor will help you map that progress. 

Reinforcement and repetition are the only things in language learning that stay consistent. Doing activities and using flashcards (or Quizlet) is a great way to solidify new words and phrases to your knowledge. Our Spanish lessons focus on getting you on the right track when studying by yourself. It’s always best to use more than one resource to learn a language. Apps like Duolingo or Rosetta Stone are great reinforcements and sources of new knowledge. With apps like Duolingo for Education, your tutor can see your progress and base Spanish lessons to what you’ve learned in the app. We can even supplement Rosetta Stone for some of our learners, as we have access to the respective licensing. 

With information collected from Duolingo and your scores on online quizzes (e.g., Google Forms), we can gather insights and further tailor the Spanish lessons. We rely heavily on your feedback to promote a quality experience on both ends. 

In order to provide the best language experience, our goal is to provide and combine comprehensible input with meaningful social interaction to yield language acquisition. Our tutors are available around the clock to help you wherever you are with your coursework.

At Spanish Tutoring by Students we hand pick the best materials for you to work with — visual, audio-visual, etc — to advance your level at your pace. Every Spanish lesson is made for you


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Single Spanish 

(1.5 hours min. $15 per additional person)

Group Spanish Lessons

$160/Pack of 5
(1.5 hours min. $10 per additional person per lesson) 

Spanish Lessons:

Face-to-Face curriculum
— Personalized language cues in cultural context
— Custom lesson and coursework

— Textbook references and dictionary
— Tutor to ask questions to

— Flashcards, e.g. Quizlet
— Utilization of materials
— Repetition ⟶ retention 

Data-driven lessons
Duolingo for Instructor & Student
— Google Forms for Education

 On-demand responses to questions
— In-person instruction
— Reinforcement outside of lessons

Videos for Spanish learners
— “Como Soy – Mi Rutina Diaria”
Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish

Lessons How You Want Them


Tailored Lessons

Every student is a unique individual; therefore, we tailor each lesson plan according to every student’s differing needs. Our Spanish Lessons rely on two key factors: a small setting and the opportunity for our Spanish tutors to individualize that setting.

We’re adaptable. Period. 

Spanish Tutoring by Students customizes every lesson for every student. As we get to know where you’re struggling and see how you want the sessions to be conducted, our individual learning strategy for you will constantly be developed and improved; we’ll fine tune everything to you. Your Spanish tutor will take notes based on the last session and draft a new lesson plan. Through this, we can adjust to your learning styles and find activities and exercises which guide you toward conversational fluency in the best and most innovative way. Lesson plans are characterized by who you are and what you want. 

We’re flexible. Guaranteed. 

If you get ahold of us four hours before you want your session, you have a 90% greater chance of arranged into our schedules. Sometimes people’s chaotic schedules don’t allow them to plan their free time in advance; so, take advantage of our flexibility, especially during the summer semesters. Also as previously mentioned, we’ll come to you to tutor almost anywhere in Kalamazoo, Portage, or their surrounding areas. Learn more about what we mean by adaptability and flexibility — Every Lesson for Every Student”

Let us get to know you and your expectations by booking a free consultation today! — Contact us

Who & Where We Teach

Spanish Tutoring by Students caters to anyone near Kalamazoo or Portage. Typically we come to the student’s house for lessons or we can make arrangements to meet on Western Michigan University’s campus, libraries, bookstores, cafés, parks, etc. Typically, the type of people to whom we instruct Spanish are:

  • Children and teens
  • Homeschool groups (group lessons)
  • Need to practice their Spanish
  • Looking for help in self-study
  • Working on conversational abilties
  • Starting from scratch
  • Learning Spanish as a hobby

Individual or Group Lessons

Learning with our Spanish tutors in-person keeps you motivated to improve or learn Spanish. 

Regardless of one’s experience with Spanish, putting them in a one-on-one or small group setting makes it easier for us to teach and easier for a student to learn. Our small and individualized setting is the most effective and thorough way to learn a language, because the program is made to fit individual personalities and learning styles.

Spanish Tutoring by Students

Done by Students & Young Professionals

Spanish Tutoring by Students is made up of diligent college students and young graduates pursuing careers and starting new endeavors. 

To find out if Spanish Tutoring by Students is for you, please contact us and book a free, in-person consultation. During the free consultation, Spanish Tutoring by Students’ director and a Spanish tutor will help you determine if this is the right service for you, describe how we tutor, assess your Spanish level and outline an individual strategy for you to learn Spanish. If Spanish Tutoring by Students is not for you, we can refer you to other services and other local tutors. 

100% Local

Spanish Tutoring by Students is not a corporation or a franchise. We are a small business that operates out of Kalamazoo and Portage, Michigan.