Spanish Tutoring by Students

Spanish Tutoring by Students offers private Spanish lessons to those learning or seeking to learn Spanish near Kalamazoo and Portage, Michigan. We come to you for Spanish lessons and can make arrangements to tutor at bookstores, cafés, Western Michigan University’s campus, libraries, your house, etc. Whatever is the most convenient for you.

Our Spanish instructors are ready to make conversational fluency a reality for you. By following and adhering to our checklists and actively seeking student feedback, we provide relevant materials to match your pace and level. All of our Spanish instructors are trained to get you speaking and understanding Spanish — beginner or advanced — and gradually ease you into feeling comfortable speaking and hearing Spanish.

Every Lesson for Every Student

Our motto, Every Lesson for Every Student, means that your Spanish tutor will put together every lesson plan tailored to your individual needs. Our passionate tutors go beyond what’s outlined in the book. By constantly evaluating your learning speed and level, we can adjust our strategy to you accordingly. Taking this type of approach guarantees that your learning process will go smoothly. Unlike online tutors and computer software, a physical instructor can see where you’re struggling on paper. In-person tutoring provides you with confidence to tackle Spanish with ease. 

Spanish Tutoring by Students is a local, small business that operates out of Kalamazoo, MI. 

What Makes Us Unique?

As the name suggests, Spanish Tutoring by Students is run by university students, aspiring to put their skills to use before graduation. Our goal is to receive entry-level experience teaching a foreign language for a reasonable price.

Being students ourselves, it’s easy for us to relate to the subject matter at hand, as we remember our own struggles when learning Spanish. Therefore, we provide Spanish lessons as an individual development tool that goes beyond practicing in a book or with software; we create personalized activities and specialized lesson plans to ensure that every student is able to learn and is satisfied with their results. 

The personalized course content and tailored lessons plans that we create, result in a single, student-focused atmosphere. Our one-on-one Spanish lessons are designed with you in mind.

See what we mean by “Every Lesson for Every Student.”


“Andrew’s insight into Spanish was profound and his lessons far superior to the college class I was currently in at the time. He was able to break down the concepts I didn’t understand and always kept a clear focus.”

— Bianca D.

Students learning together